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Whore-Queen, by Ever Whitlock

The poem “Whore-Queen” was written by Ever Whitlock of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. They are an undergraduate student working towards a double major in History and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, with a planned graduation date of May 2024. Their [...]

Beautiful, marriageable and a little bit angry: literary mummies at the turn of the twentieth century, by Nolwenn Corriou

When one thinks of Egyptian mummies, their representation in Western popular culture necessarily comes to mind. We can all remember Hollywood’s vengeful mummies shuffling in relentless pursuit behind their hapless victim in their decayed wrappings, their shrivelled bodies acting as [...]

Know Your History: The Scale Holder and the Water-Bearer as Ancient Tropes in Doja Cat’s “You Right” (ft. The Weeknd) Music Video, by Sílvia Catarina Pereira Diogo

At the start of Doja Cat’s “You Right” music video we are stupefyingly welcomed into the gates of Doja, an opulent fantasy kingdom afloat in the sky. Dreamy clouds can be seen amongst astrological symbology hinting at the zodiac signs. [...]

Having a difficult family dynamic: Monster High’s Cleo de Nile and her influence on young children, by Vitória Rama

In this analysis we will be discussing Cleo de Nile, one of the protagonists of the first generation of the franchise Monster High introduced in 2010 until 2015 and integrated mainly by toys, books, and films. Cleo is a mummy and a [...]

Reimagining Mummies in 21st Century Ballet?, by Gonzalo Preciado

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the Latvian National Ballet launched the production Two Metres (2021). This triple-bill covered the notable impact of COVID-19 in the life of ballet dancers with high doses of humor and irony. The reimagination [...]

Ancient Egypt and Amusement Parks, by Julia Troche

No trip to the regional fair, carnival, or major theme park would be complete without a trip on a thrilling ride that promises to transport you to ancient Egypt where you survive a supernatural threat before exiting through the gift [...]

Manchester Game Centre Online Interview With Abraham Fernández Pichel

Dr Abraham Fernández Pichel was recently interviewed by Dr Jenny Cromwell from the Manchester Game Center about the Egypopcult project! They discussed the direction of the Egypopcult project and how Ancient Egypt is represented in contemporary popular culture, including games!

Ancient Egypt in Asian Gacha Games: A Successful Method for Drawing Players in?, by Esperanza Macarena Ródenas Perea

It is undeniable that both anime and manga have progressively entered Western media over the last decades, and it is here to stay. Likewise, videogames with manga aesthetic have also become extraordinarily popular in the West, and with the technological [...]

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Now in cinemas, TV, bookstores and others

Napoleon (2023), by Ridley Scott

Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt is recreated by Scott in this film.

30 monedas (2023), by Álex de la Iglesia

Second season of the series where the temple of Debod plays a prominent role.

Cleopatra and Frankenstein (2022), by Coco Mellors

Love and heartbreak in a novel that fleetingly alludes to the Ptolemaic Queen.

Poor Things (2023), by Yorgos Lanthimos

An imagined (and sad) Alexandria is part of Bella’s journey.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024), by Adam Wingard

The return of King Kong emerging from the sands of the Giza plateau, at the foot of the great pyramids.

Hipericon (2022), by Manuele Fior

The love story of Ruben and Teresa in the present day runs parallel to the discovery in 1922 of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Cleopatra (2024), produced by Mongolia Entertainment

A Cleopatra of a cinematography hardly known in other countries. Undoubtedly interesting.

La momie qui aimait les pizzas et les jeux vidéo (2021), by Olivier Cotte

Amentocha is a mummy from the Musée du Louvre who comes back to life and decides to wander the streets of Paris.

Ultimate Black Panther #1 (2024), by Bryan Edward Hill and Stefano Caselli

New comic with Black Panther and Khonsu and Ra fighting for power in Africa.

Shadows of Duat (2023), by Ángel Guede

A horror adventure game inspired by the Egyptian underworld.

Mummies and Magic#45 Podcast (Feb. 2024)

Altägypten in der Popkultur.

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