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Ich mache mir die (ägyptische) Welt, wie sie mir gefällt!
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Academic Ongoing Research

Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD academic research in Popular Culture and Ancient History around the world

“The reception of Antiquity in french televisual advertising (1968-2018) : between realia, cultural influences and marketing strategy”, PhD Dissertation by Claire Mercier (Université de Franche-Comté, France)
Digital Humanities to reflect about ancient Egypt: analyses of the ‘Discovery Tour’ in the game Assassins Creed, MA by Jéssica K. Franco (Federal University of Paraná)
The representations of Cleopatra and the reception of ancient Egypt in cinema, BA by Julia Szoke (History Department/University of São Paulo)
Orientalism in the East: representations of ancient Egypt in Japanese pop-culture, BA by Pedro Vinícius de Castro (History Department/University of São Paulo)
Presenças e Representações de Escultura Clássica no Cinema, (in english: “Representations of Classical Sculpture in Cinema”), MA Thesis by Sílvia Catarina Pereira Diogo (Universidade de Lisboa)
Ancient Egyptian opulence and twenty-first century admiration. A comparative analysis of the reception of ancient Egyptian clothing, jewellery, and adornments depicted in animated films and music videos, MA Thesis by Aqeelah Boltman (Stellenbosch University)

Project Manager

Abraham I. Fernández Pichel


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